Our practice

Bardmesser Law Group focuses its efforts on protection of its clients' intellectual property — patents, trademarks and copyrights. Quality and competence are the cornerstones of patent prosecution, trademark prosecution, counseling and opinion practices. We recognize the importance to our clients of having patents that are not vulnerable to competitorís challenges. Therefore, we guide our clients and their inventions through the entire patenting process.

We provide our clients with legal opinions regarding infringement and non-inringement, validity and enforceability. This advice is often used when investing in a new product line, products or technology. We also provide general counseling on intellectual property issues, and assess the client's competitors.

Patent law

Patents protect your company's investment in ideas. Without a patent, a competitor can copy your inventions with impunity. For any technology-oriented business, a patent is a crucial aspect of protecting your intellectual property. Bardmesser Law Group has a wealth of experience in procuring patent protection for its clients.

Copyright law

Many assets, such as look and feel of web sites, software, and other expressions of ideas may be protectable and valuable assets. Bardmesser Law Group helps businesses identify copyrightable assets, prepares and files copyright applications with the U.S. Copyright Office, and advises clients on ownership implications of hiring independent contractors.

Trademark law

A trademark defines how your customers think of you. Bardmesser Law Group can assist you in protecting your trademarks both in the United States and abroad.

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